Every young artist becomes a master with us

  • Children's Art Workshop "Paint it yourself"

    Children's Art Workshop "Paint it yourself"

    Hello dear children and parents!

    Wellcome to the website of Children's Art Workshops "Paint it yourself". We hope you will enjoy your visit.

    All children are born with the telent to see the world in bright colors. In Children's Art Workshops "Paint it yourself" they have the chance to make the world even brighter. Here, each child recieves the help and attention needed, in order to paint and decorate it's own ceramic figurine.

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  • Our gallery

    Our gallery

    We are glad to help you make the best children's birthday party or gathering. We offer proffesional art and pedagogic help.

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  • Our services

    Our services

    Our team works for the creative thinking of your child!

    Proffesional artists and artists-pedagogues, as a form of enterntainment, educate children in love toward art and aesthetics!

    We can also offer:

    White pottery souveniers, garden pottery, children birthday party planning, theme parties with art numbers and performances, children's corner, during you company's firm party, art courses for children, art materials and paint, art sets, wedding souvenirs, arangement of rooms and showrooms, decoration etc.

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