Children's Art Workshop "Paint it yourself"


Детски Художествени Ателиета "Нарисувай сам"

The idea for the Children's Art Workshop "Paint it yourself" first appeared in 1991. A team of qualified experts in the field of fine, decorative arts and pedagogics was created and the first workshop was opened in "Albena" resort, which still works during the tourist season.

Our workshops are part time day-care entertainment centres, where children can color white ceramic figures, under the supervision of artists. We use high-quality, environment-friendly and water-soluble ceramic paints. The figures are on different topics - Christmass, Easter, favorite animals or cartoon and fairy-tales characters. The idea is very well accepted by the parents. While the children have fun, they are free to use their time.

At this point we have permanent workshops in the resorts "Albena" and "Borovets" and in the representative workshop in Sofia, Geo Milev district, 31 "Manastirska" Str.

Children's Art Centre "Paint it yourself" was a significant attraction during the three years existence of "Sofia Land" amusement park.

Due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of the experts, working in the company, Children's Art Workshop "Paint it yourself" is established as not just a place for entertainment, but as "school" for education in aesthetic touch in children and love towards art.



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